Do You Need Flashcards to Study for the Massachusetts Police Promotional Exam?


Here’s how flashcards can help you get the best-possible score on the Massachusetts Civil Service Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain exam.

Passing the Massachusetts police promotional exam with flying colors may seem like a pipe dream, particularly for police officers with limited time to study. But, if you use flashcards as you get ready for the exam, you’ll be well-equipped to get the best-possible score.

Are Flashcards Necessary to Pass the Massachusetts Police Promotional Exam?

You don’t need flashcards to pass the Mass police promotional exam. However, using flashcards can help you get the most value out of your exam study time. To understand why this is the case, consider how a police officer typically preps for the exam.

Generally, a police officer reviews hundreds of practice questions during their Mass Civil Service Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain exam prep. In many instances, a police officer needs to sit down in a quiet space, read through each practice question, and analyze incorrect and correct responses.

A police promotional exam study session may require a police officer to invest several hours to learn even a few questions. Over the course of a week, this time adds up quickly, to the point where a police officer may lose time with their family or friends as he or she tries to get ready for the exam.

On the other hand, flashcards help police officers quickly and efficiently prepare for the police promotional exam. Flashcards promote self-testing, and the more a police officer uses their flashcards, the better prepared he or she will be for their exam — and the more likely it becomes that he or she can get the highest-possible score.

How Can Police Officers Incorporate Digital Flashcards into Their Massachusetts Police Promotional Exam Prep?

At BeLed, we recognize the value of police promotional training flashcards and have developed digital flashcards to help police officers prep for the Mass Civil Service Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain exam.

Whereas traditional flashcards require police officers to carry paper cards with them, our digital flashcards are accessible on any Android or iOS device or PC. This means police officers can use our digital flashcards to prep for their promotional training exam from virtually any location, at any time.

Along with providing unprecedented accessibility, our digital flashcards are designed to help police officers retain the information necessary to optimize their police promotional exam score. Our flashcards feature Brainscape spaced repetition technology that adapts to how police officers answer practice exam questions. This technology ensures that police officers will see the flashcards they have marked as not knowing very well more often than the ones they do know. At the same time, Brainscape makes flashcards that police officers know well reappear at regular intervals, so officers will continue to retain this exam information.

Get Digital Flashcards As Part of Our Police Promotional Training Program

Our digital flashcards are available as part of our extensive police promotional training program. By using these flashcards in conjunction with our police promotional training, you can boost your Mass police promotional exam score and put yourself in the best position to rise the ranks.

For more information about our digital flashcards and police promotional training program, please contact us online. Or, click here to sign up for our police officer training program today. Please mention this blog post when you contact us.

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I finally got my Sergeant exam score back the other day. I got an 83.75. I wanted to thank you both for all the help. I am sure that I would not have passed the exam without it. We had the assessment center and it is highly likely that I will get promoted at the end of the year. I am telling everyone in my department. I missed the top spot by one question to someone who studied for over a year.

Kevin V.

BeLed Training Products