What Not to Do Before the Massachusetts Police Promotional Exam


Here are three things to avoid before the Mass police promotional test.

You want the best-possible score on the Massachusetts police promotional exam. So, you study regularly, complete practice quizzes and tests, and plan for your exam day. You may even prepare a healthy breakfast, listen to relaxing music, and do other things to ensure you feel calm, cool, and confident before the test.

Despite your best efforts, you may inadvertently put yourself in a bad position for your test. But, if you know which things you should NOT do before your test, you can boost the likelihood of earning an excellent score on your exam.

What Should You Try to Avoid Before the Massachusetts Police Promotional Test?

Before your Mass police promotional exam, here are three things you should try to avoid:

1. Procrastination

Waiting until the last minute to study won’t do you any favors. Instead, commit even a few minutes each day to studying. Also, use a variety of learning materials, so you can study anywhere you go.

2. Dehydration

You may be tempted to drink lots of coffee and other caffeinated beverages before your test, but doing so may actually cause you to experience headaches and other physical symptoms. Conversely, drink one to two glasses of water before your exam. This ensures you are properly hydrated for your exam.

3. Lack of Sleep

It can be stressful in the days leading up to your exam, and you may find it tough to sleep. So, give yourself extra time to wind down at the end of the day for at least a few days before your test. This can help you get sufficient rest and ensure you can wake up feeling ready to perform your best on your exam day.

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I finally got my Sergeant exam score back the other day. I got an 83.75. I wanted to thank you both for all the help. I am sure that I would not have passed the exam without it. We had the assessment center and it is highly likely that I will get promoted at the end of the year. I am telling everyone in my department. I missed the top spot by one question to someone who studied for over a year.

Kevin V.

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