How Will You Spend Your Last Few Weeks Before the Big Day?

Police Promotional Test Training in Massachusetts

Everyone is different. Here are some ideas on how to maximize your time before the upcoming Police or Fire Promotional Exam in Massachusetts when studying with BeLed Training.

You have been “hitting the books” and focusing all of your energy on the upcoming Massachusetts Police and Fire Promotional Exams. You can see the finish line in sight and have anxiety. You keep asking yourself “how best can I spend my time?”

BeLed Training has helped many students all study season long in 2021 and we have spoken to many students who express an urgency to accomplish as much studying as possible before their exam date. For police officers, the HRD promotional exam is on September 18th, 2021. For Firefighters, the exam is on November 13th, 2021. No matter your profession or your style of learning, we, at BeLed Training, have some helpful study techniques and insights to help you maximize your time.

It is extremely important as the exam date approaches that you find dedicated time to focus on the study materials. Whether you are studying for the police or fire promotion exams, the amount of material that must be reviewed can seem daunting. Students need to prioritize chapters and materials that they feel are most important for a high score on the exam. BeLed Training can help you identify the “need-to-know” chapters and materials. Furthermore, BeLed Training has products that can help you top that exam. From digital flashcards to seminars, we offer study materials for all types of learners.

Do you need some ideas on how to maximize that time? Let’s dig in!

Sit down somewhere quiet and try and put aside time daily to study. Treat your time to study as sacred and keep your goal in mind. Remember, your hard work and dedication will pay off when you take the Civil Service Promotional Exam.

Keep a checklist. A simple 3×5 notecard with a written lesson plan for that day can be extremely helpful to keep you focused. Stick to your lesson plan for that day and tackle it one piece at a time. As you finish a chapter or a set of flashcards put a checkmark next to that task to represent the completion of that task. This simple act will make you feel accomplished!

Take breaks. A failure of students is that they try to do “marathon studying”, thinking the more they do, the more likely it will translate to a better exam score. This is not necessarily true. We, as humans, have a tendency to get distracted often (thank you social media), and too much time doing one thing will turn into unproductive reading with your likelihood of material retention reducing by the minute. Take breaks, complete small portions of the material, and give yourself physical separation from your study area. BeLed Training will tell you to get up and walk around.

Are you trying to memorize something and having trouble? Make flashcards and hang them! A simple, hand-written flashcard, can be hung on a string and clothespin in the spare room or space where you study. Hang a thin string across the room and hang every flashcard that you author. Read these as you come in and out of your study space and watch how quickly your retention grows.

Still looking for more ideas? Reach out! Email us at [email protected] or contact us right here on our site for help.

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I finally got my Sergeant exam score back the other day. I got an 83.75. I wanted to thank you both for all the help. I am sure that I would not have passed the exam without it. We had the assessment center and it is highly likely that I will get promoted at the end of the year. I am telling everyone in my department. I missed the top spot by one question to someone who studied for over a year.

Kevin V.

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