Choose Police and Fire Promotional Training in Massachusetts That Works

Police Promotional Training

Here’s why you need to enroll in police and fire promotional training in Massachusetts that delivers proven results.

Promotional Exam training for both police and firefighters in Massachusetts is easy to find. But, only one company can deliver the quality programs and materials that give students the best chance to top their respective exams: the programs and products available from BeLed Training.

BeLed offers a wide array of products for both law enforcement and firefighters that have been created by police and fire professionals who have taken these exams and can guide you, the student, to the best possible score. Our original police program had helped dozens of police officers earn high marks on the Mass police promotional exams — and now we have begun to help firefighters as well!

How Does BeLed’sPromotional Exam Training Programs Deliver Proven Results?

There are many reasons why our programs help police officers and firefighters earn high marks on the Massachusetts police and fire promotional exams, including:

1. Online Flashcards

Our online police flashcards and our online fire flashcards make it simple to prepare for the exam from nearly any location, at any time. They are accessible via any iOS or Android device, so you use them to study on the go. Plus, our flashcards utilize spaced repetition technology that adapts to your study patterns. With this technology, certain cards appear more often if you do not know well. The result: you become more likely to learn these cards and get the insights you need to fully prepare for the exam.

2. Weekly Assignment and Quizzes

Our weekly assignments for both police officers and firefighters will keep the student on track. Listen, we get it, the material can be dry and there is always something more important or more interestingly going on in your lives. That’s why we break down the material and constantly keep you invested in the material because your success will depend on the focused hours spent in the books.

3. Dedicated and Personal Attention for Each Student

One of the best parts of our study program is that it is designed for each student’s success.  One person’s strengths may be another student’s weaknesses and we recognize this variable. The reason why our police and fire preparation programs are successful is that all of us at BeLed are committed to each student’s success. We will individualize plans, meet with you one-on-one, and personally tutor you if you need help. We go far beyond a simple email and task assignment to place you in a position to be extremely successful on exam day.

4. We Start Early

Most police and fire promotional training programs in Massachusetts fail to recognize the amount of time the average student will need to absorb the mountains of material for exam day. We start our police and fire promotional training programs before any other vendor so that our students have ample time to not only learn the material but to give them time to go back and review any weak areas the individual student may have. That last, few, precious weeks before the exam is when we can personally tutor each student to help them reach their promotional exam goal.

Don’t settle for inferior results from other programs. Instead, select BeLed, and you can use a program that has already helped many students achieve their promotion. Contact us online to learn more about our exam training programs.

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I finally got my Sergeant exam score back the other day. I got an 83.75. I wanted to thank you both for all the help. I am sure that I would not have passed the exam without it. We had the assessment center and it is highly likely that I will get promoted at the end of the year. I am telling everyone in my department. I missed the top spot by one question to someone who studied for over a year.

Kevin V.

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