BeLed Training Programs

All-inclusive and interactive programs designed to maximize your study time

From the start, you will see that BeLed Training’s study guides are produced for working cops by working cops.  They will provide you with a thorough breakdown of all the management books and, when used in conjunction with the BeLed Training program, give you a significant advantage over your competition. Once again, our materials are provided to you at no extra cost when you sign up for the full BeLed Training program membership and/or attend one of our seminars. Our flagship product is our all-inclusive and interactive study program designed to maximize your study time by focusing on your problem and previously tested areas, and developing a study plan for you!  BeLed is with you every step of the way helping you with managing your study time, focus, and feedback.


Full Program

  • Access to material from all of the management books!
  • Including the ALL NEW Effective Police Supervision for the Sergeant’s Exam!
  • Weekly assignments
  • Weekly audio reviews
  • Free access to seminars
  • Outlines for seminars
  • Flashcards (approximately 5,000) powered by Brainscape
  • Seminar audio

2024 Boston Police Detective Exam Study Program

  • 14 weeks of dedicated studying for your specific exam
  • Weekly assignments based on the reading list
  • Weekly online quizzes with realtime results
  • Digital Flashcards
  • Personalized support and tutoring from BeLed for your specific needs

Online Flash Cards

Starting at $150
  • Massachusetts Civil Service HRD Reading list books
  • Supervision of Police Personnel
  • Police Administration
  • Community Policing
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Effective Police Supervision

The "Unfair Advantage"
Video Conference

  • Law and Management Seminar-On Demand!
  • Highly tested topics and how to spot common exam pitfalls
  • Tips, tricks and difficult material covered!

A better way to learn — Individualized training program with digital flashcards powered by Brainscape!

The digital flashcards have revolutionized the way flashcards are incorporated into your studying program.  Imagine the ability to have at your fingertips close to 5,000 individual digital cards, the ability to view the cards you are having difficulty with more often than the ones you don’t, and the ability to be 30% more efficient than simply studying any other way! The digital flashcards are a huge asset when getting close to exam time because they can be with you and accessible almost anywhere and anytime.  Our partnership with Brainscape will allow you to study the flashcards from anywhere, on any device, always picking up where you last left off without having to reset the cards. The system saves your last study set and automatically returns to that set when you log in. BeLed Training is the first law enforcement company to partner up and offer this new technology. Don’t miss out! Learn more. LEARN MORE

Online Flashcards - Including the New Effective Police Supervision