Police FAQ’s

What police-related promotional opportunities can BeLed Training help me prepare for?

BeLed Training can help any Massachusetts Police Officer prepare for the Sergeant, Lieutenant, or Captain Municipal Police Promotional exam. We have study material that covers all promotional books including the NEW Effective Police Supervision!

Does it matter where I live in Massachusetts?

It does not matter where in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you live! BeLed Training’s unique training program will bring promotional preparation to you in the comfort of your home by utilizing technology and a detailed study plan to assist you with your preparation. BeLed’s unique training program will provide you with exclusive access to thousands of law and management flashcards, based on the Massachusetts Civil Service Reading List. We offer study guides for all four management books, daily questions, and weekly quizzes to gauge your progress, and a detailed study plan to ensure that all the material is covered from start to finish.

What does BeLed Training offer for a study service?

BeLed Training has created a tutoring program designed to guide you in preparing for the upcoming promotional exam while keeping the student-focused and motivated through to exam day. The owners of BeLed Training will be with you every step of the study season to make sure you do your best on game day!

Does BeLed Training supply all materials to prepare for the exam?

BeLed Training is a tutoring business. We will supply study guides and digital flashcards for all four of the police management books (actual management books are not included) on the HRD reading list, as well as occasional handouts designed to cover the most frequently tested areas of law and management. We will tutor out of the law books on the reading list. Students will be required to purchase these law books separately from our program.

What is included in the program?

Each student will receive management study guides, access to thousands of digital flashcards for all areas of law and management, weekly assignments, and quizzes with feedback on difficult areas. Each student will receive countless hours of seminar audio and video, reviewing each chapter from all areas of management to help develop and improve each student’s overall score.

What is the cost of BeLed Training's full training program?

The cost of the program is $1250.00, excluding the law reading books, which students will be required to purchase separately.

Are BeLed Training business owners actual law enforcement officers?

Yes. Both owners of BeLed Training are currently working as police captains and have catapulted through the ranks using this program.

What is the difference between BeLed's program and other programs?

BeLed Training is focused on each individual person and his or her success. Our program is intense but designed to make sure each person does exceptionally well on exam day. BeLed’s proprietary study program allows us to ensure that we can give enough individual attention to each person during the study season. We are not in the business of filling banquet halls for seminars but in the business of seeing each of our students top their respective lists.

When does the study preperation begin for the 2021 exam?

BeLed Training has already begun its 2021 Full Program but it's not too late to sign up!

How do I sign up/register for your program?

It's easy!  Just purchase our program on the product page or email us at [email protected].

What if I don't want to purchase the full program?

Easy! BeLed offers flashcards, seminars, and weekly assignments & quizzes, which can all be purchased separately on our Products page.