Police Training Process

  • Massachusetts Law

  • Supervision of Police Personnel

  • Effective Police Supervision

  • Police Administration

  • Community Policing

  • Criminal Investigation

...We've got you covered!

  • Police Training Process- the reading list is confirmed by HRD, each student enrolled in the full program will receive detailed study guides to the four management areas and practice questions based on these texts. The study guides have been prepared by BeLed and are an excellent resource when preparing for the exam. We have included the actual page numbers from the management text to assist you in referencing the actual textbooks. We always recommend you read and review the actual management textbooks when preparing for this exam.

  • From the start, you will see that BeLed Training allows officers access to our expansive cloud of digital flashcards powered by Brainscape or our premier membership into our full test preparation course. Our materials are provided to you at no extra cost when you sign up for the full BeLed Training program membership. The BeLed Training all-inclusive and interactive program is designed to maximize your study time by focusing on your weaknesses and previously tested areas. BeLed is with you every step of the way helping you with managing your study time, focus, and feedback.

  • Detailed assignments will be emailed weekly and are based on the reading list provided by HRD for both management and law areas.
    For the management areas, BeLed Training guides will be used.
    For the law areas, BeLed Training will determine the appropriate law reference guides based on the HRD reading list. Students will be required to purchase those on their own, and our law assignments will be based on those texts.

  • Weekly quizzes every Friday will be sent to each student electronically and based on that week’s reading assignment. Students will receive a review of that week’s quiz by Sunday evening.

  • Each student will have access to all seminars throughout the study season. In addition, BeLed Training will make the video and audio recordings of these seminars accessible to group members on their members-only log-in page.

  • Once the material (Law and Management) has been gone through at least once during our weekly assignments, we will go into review mode. At this point, you will still receive weekly assignments, daily questions, and weekly quizzes, but we will begin to focus on those areas and concepts that have been previously tested. The daily questions and weekly quizzes will take on a new look incorporating questions from all the areas on the exam. They will become virtual mini-exams allowing BeLed Training to further refine and strengthen those areas that may be providing you with difficulty by analyzing your results and adapting the program to your needs. There is simply no better, interactive, detailed, and contemporaneous evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses available, period.