We understand the commitment it takes to do well on the promotional exam, and we are here to help. This past year was extremely challenging, but BeLed Training Full Program members crushed the competition once again!  But don't take our word for it! Check out some of the reviews from this year's program members:

Dennis and Derek

As you’re well aware the results have been out for a little bit. My head has been in the clouds as I have tied for #2 or #3 (someone may be holding out) with a score of 89.  Scoring in the top 3 on XXXXXXX  list, I could not be happier. 58 people took it from our department I’ve been told. My goal was top 5 thinking that over the next 2 years we have a good shot. First, I would like to personally thank you both for fielding texts and phone calls whenever I had a question or needed a pep talk. Secondly, your program made the difference. Just reading the textbooks is an arduous task as you well know. BeLed broke it down for me and helped me focus. I know for a fact that 4 of the top 5 used the program. Coincidence, I don’t think so. Kudos to you both for developing a fantastic program for the law enforcement community. 

Thank you is not enough. My deepest gratitude.

I really loved the program & the study guides were my favorite part. The flashcards are a game-changer when you need to get studying in & repeat the info in a short time frame. The audio was really useful standing in the road on a detail so you were able to do something no matter where you were. Thank you again!

The structured program and digital flashcards were great! You guys are really ahead of the competition.

85! 2 points higher than 2 years ago and I still didn't use the program to its full potential!!!

Your program was spot on!

The program really kept me focused during COVID, protests, and a busy summer!

My score jumped by 18 points when I decided to use your program this year for the first time.

There is no better way to get prepared for the promotional exam. You guys rock! I wish I could keep you guys a secret but the word is out- thanks again!

Once again I passed the Sergeant exam with an 83. I would have done better but I worked a lot of overtime with COVID and I was back on the road answering calls. But your program and the way is set up is excellent, thanks again.

You guys crushed it with our department, all the top scorers were BeLed people.” “I bet you will get a lot more from our department because they are now seeing that those who use your program always do best. Nice Job!

I was just going to text you to thank you guys again. I got a 93.” “Thank you! I have a lot to owe to you and your well structured program.

Dennis, it looks like the top scores for the Lt. and Sgt. Exam studied with your program.

Scores came in …..88 – Thank you for the study aids and tips!!