Total Fire Package (Lt/Capt)

The Process

Since 2016 when BeLed Training was founded we have been the leader in helping police officers across Massachusetts finish at the top of their respective promotional lists.  From our humble beginnings we have maintained a commitment to our students by always putting their needs first and providing them with the best material, guidance, and support during their journey up the ranks.  It has truly been an honor and privilege to have played a part in helping so many future leaders in the law enforcement profession.

We are often asked our public safety brothers and sisters in the fire profession to develop a similar program to help them do their very best on their promotional lists.  You’ve asked and we have answered! BeLed Training is excited to announce our new products dedicated to helping Massachusetts firefighters in preparing for and finish at the top of their respective Lieutenant and Captain’s exams.

Young man doing BeLed training

2 Seasoned Firefighting Trainers Have Joined the Team

You may be asking yourself what two police captains know about firefighting?  The truth is……not much!  That’s why BeLed Training is excited to announce the addition of two tenured firefighting professionals who themselves have climbed through the ranks  in their respective departments to lead our firefighting promotional preparation program.  BeLed’s proven techniques and structured study method coupled with the experience of two seasoned firefighting trainers with over 50 years of combined firefighting experience is simply the only way to guarantee your best performance on this year’s Lieutenant and Captain/s exam!

What You Will Get

Digital Flashcards

BeLed Training partnered with Brainscape several years ago to bring the most  adaptive and user friendly study tool for helping our students top their respective promotional lists. There is simply no better way to absorb this mountain of material. Maximize your study time by focusing on the cards and information your having difficulty with.  Brainscape’s unique spaced repetition system will revolutionize the way you prepare and super charge your preparation by allowing you to see the more difficult cards more often than the ones you have already mastered.

Works on any device and is unique to the individual user.

For example:

  • Feel like doing some Flashcards on your phone while your waiting in a waiting room?

    No problem! Just take out your phone and they’re at your fingertips.

  • Worried about what cards you left off on?

    No problem! Brainscape takes care of keeping track of all your scores and where you left off! 

  • Feel like doing the cards on your desktop or tablet but don’t want to lose your progress?

    No problem! Brainscape will sync your progress across different devices so it won’t matter what device you use: it‘s unique to your user name and password!

  • What about working off-line?

    No Problem! Once downloaded on your device you don’t even need an internet connection to view the cards. Once your internet reception returns your cards will once again sync!

  • Lastly, what about adding cards for difficult areas?

    No problem! BeLed Training always reviews the weekly quizzes to identify areas that are giving our students difficulty and Brainscape allows us to make changes to and add cards on the fly!  The next time you log into your Brainscape App the updated cards will be there!

All this can be done on any IOS or Android device anywhere and anytime. With over 3,000 digital flashcards covering every text and laws on the reading list at your fingertips, you will never have to carry around a suitcase of index cards to study!

Audio Reviews

Detailed audio review breakdowns of all the texts on the reading list by firefighters that are actively involved in training and have themselves prepared for and taken these exams.  This files will be sent to you to be downloaded in an MP3 format. No more carrying stacks of CD’s and wondering how and where your going to listen to them.  Unless of course you still have the portable CD players hanging around from the 80’s, then I guess this wouldn’t be such a good point!

Weekly Assignments and Quizes

Last but not least is our structured weekly assignments and quizzes. More often than not, students do poorly because they do not manage their time effectively to tackle and absorb the mountain of material required to do well.  Our weekly assignments will help you stay on track and the quizzes will let you know how your doing and help you focus on your problem areas.  We will take the guess work out of preparing study plan and ensure that all the material on the exam is thoroughly covered.  Once again, everything from our assignments and quizzes can be done on your phone or computer anywhere and anytime with instant results of how you did once you hit the submit button!!

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