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We know there are other exam prep programs out there. In fact, we’ve actually tried them. But none of them come close to the level of support we offer at BeLed.

We’re not just telling you that as a flex, we’re telling you because THAT is what makes us different. THAT is what gives our students a competitive edge. THAT is why 97% of our students pass their exams, and why 80% of them return to use the BeLed Method™ on subsequent exams.


Promotional Exams have always been

Your score basically determines your place in line for a career promotion.

Which in turn dictates your earning potential, which then effects your pension and overall future financial success. To say that your performance on the exam matters, is a bit of an understatement.

Over a decade ago, policing was fully-staffed, and there was a lot of movement within departments. In order to move up in rank, we know we had to do better than everyone else we were up against.

So we bought the programs and products available that could possibly provide a competitive edge and teach us something no one else knew.

At one point we actually went through our course materials and highlighted everything that was covered… then proceeded to study exactly everything that WAS NOT highlighted. And a crazy thing happened…

it worked.

We topped our exams and got promoted.

In 2016, after 4 years and two exam periods of testing, we launched BeLed Training. 

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To the

We know first-hand how time-consuming studying for your promotional exam can be. Especially without any rhyme or reason to your methodology of content coverage.

Our process is specifically designed by fellow officers who recognized there had to be a better way, and put together a proven study process that maximizes your time. You’ll know exactly what to cover, and when to cover it. We guide you through the material and call out the most important pieces that you’ll likely see on the exam. We offer study tips and tools to make the most of your study time. And when you go through our guided program, you’ve got built-in community and mentorship. Our staff is available to you personally throughout our time together leading up to your exam, and beyond. 

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