is a commodity,
is an art."

-Peter Druker

Designed to maximize your study time, our all-inclusive and interactive programs are created by public safety experts specifically for first responders. You don’t just get information. You get a PROVEN, robust and strategic STUDY REGIMEN under the personal MENTORSHIP of industry veterans.

This is more than just a plan, it’s a complete execution strategy backed by over a century of combined experience, under the guidance and support of professionals who have walked the ranks.


Here’s where we’re different, and why our method works better than any other on the market: 

We focus on addressing your problems in previously tested areas

We develop a personalized study plan just for you

We provide strategies for managing your study time and where to direct your study focus

We offer direct feedback on exam content

Our programs are digitally accessible on any device, at any time, no matter where you are

Each student receives personalized attention and interaction directly with our mentors – there is always a real, responsive, engaged human available to you 

Our material is consistently being updated to reflect any Massachusetts Law changes 

“My score jumped by 18 points when I decided to use your program this year for the first time.”
“There is no better way to get prepared for the promotional exam. You guys rock! I wish I could keep you guys a secret but the word is out – thanks again!”
“You guys crushed it with our department, all the top scorers were BeLed people. I bet you will get a lot more from our department because they are now seeing that those who use your program always do best. Nice job!”
“I really loved the program and the study guides were my favorite part. The flashcards are a game-changer when you need to get studying in and repeat the info in a short time frame. The audio was really useful standing in the road on a detail so you were able to do something no matter where you were. Thank you again!”
“Scoring in the top 3 my department's list, I could not be happier. First, I would like to personally thank you both for fielding texts and phone calls whenever I had a question or needed a pep talk. Secondly, your program made the difference. Just reading the textbooks is an arduous task as you well know. BeLed Training broke it down for me and helped me focus. I know for a fact that 4 of the top 5 used the program. Coincidence, I don’t think so. Kudos to you both for developing a fantastic program for the law enforcement community. Thank you is not enough. My deepest gratitude.” Jason P.
“The BeLed program is second to none. It’s rigorous and demanding but gives you every opportunity to succeed. The program has a variety of tools to use and choose from giving you a chance to study, listen, read, do flashcards at your convenience, anywhere and anytime. The structure of the program kept me on a schedule, helped me develop great study habits for my first test, and allowed me to go through the material multiple times. I can’t say enough good things about the program and how it propelled me to the top of the list on my very first test. Thanks again!” Brendon T.
“BeLed training has a proven track record helping with law enforcement promotional exams and has now entered the fire side. Their program provides a structure based learning system that builds week to week, culminating with the state exam. It's beneficial for new test takers or veterans. Invest in yourself. I did.” David M (fire)
"First off thank you for putting this program together, it helped me improved my score by 18 EIGHTEEN POINTS! (Got an 84) First time passing an exam never-mind sitting in a position for a possible promotion! This was the edge I needed to get me over the hump. The knowledge and information put forward was very useful, but the most impactful part of this program was certainly the accountability that came with program and having weekly objectives. That was baseline and I found that reviewing areas I felt weak in or if a particular book was giving me issues with the daily questions is where I would spend some of my other focus."
I would also like to thank and recognize Larry and Chief for being extremely personable and involved within the program. I had times where I reached out and others when they reached out to me!” Nicholas Q (fire)
“I cannot say it enough thank you, thank you, thank you. The time you put into creating this program made it possible for me to stay focused on the end game. I CAN say, with very little doubt that I would not have been able to break down the mountain of information used to formulate these tests with the amount of time I had available. Your program made it possible for me to score well and maintain my other obligations without choosing study time over my family time. The material is available to everyone, but your weekly assignments, tests and flashcards make all the difference. I would recommend BE-LED to anyone serious about getting promoted.” Jay
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