co-owner beled training

Derek has over 20 years of law enforcement experience and is currently working in a senior leadership capacity in a law enforcement organization.  Derek has a Master of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from Curry College and is a Legal Update instructor. 


Derek is the only police officer in the country certified as a human trafficking instructor through Massachusetts General Hospital and HEAL Trafficking. Derek has worked a variety of assignments throughout the course of his career, including Uniform Patrol, Narcotics Detective, Task Force Officer with the ATF, First Line and Platoon Commander in Uniform Patrol, Administrative Captain, District Commander in Uniform Patrol, and currently overseeing numerous operations at a high-level capacity. Derek rose through the ranks of his department and became the youngest officer to attain the rank of Captain at the age of 34. As a dad and mentor, Derek understands the importance of mental and physical health both personally and professionally. Outside his career and the BeLed Lab, Derek is a Level I Crossfit Coach.