Recently Retired Deputy Chief

Michael Ragucci

We at BeLed would like to introduce our newest team member for the fire promotional side of our growing company, retired Deputy Chief Michael Ragucci. Michael has been involved in the fire service for 32 years and was a founding member of the Metro Fire State Hazardous Materials team. Mike started his career in 1988, took his first civil service promotional exams in 1991, and has been a student of civil service exams for his entire career.

Michael has held officer rank since 1992 when he was promoted to Lieutenant after learning from a former Captain who ran a school from his home in Quincy, MA and fire officers who taught from Brookline, MA. Michael topped his Captains and Deputy exams, making Captain in 1998 and was promoted to Deputy Chief in 2005. His exam taking skills, knowledge, and experience will be very helpful along with some old school strategies on how to prepare yourself for your upcoming exams.

Michael  holds several pro-board certifications including Fire Officer I, II, Fire Instructor I, II, Hazardous Material Technician as well as Haz Mat Safety officer, Safety officer for Fire Suppression. Michael is an EMT, a Structural Collapse Technician, and is a Graduate of Chief Fire Officer School from Collins Center for Public Management through the Massachusetts Fire Academy.