2023 Police Promotional Seminars. Virtual or In Person

2023 Police Promotional Seminars. Virtual or In Person

Get access to the most important 4-day seminar of your 2023 study season! Our seminars will include study guides so you can follow along with the instructor. Get access to all NEW material from:

  • Effective Police Supervision (8th ed., 2017) (Sergeant’s only)
  • Supervision of Police Personnel (9th ed., 2020) (Lt./Captaints only)
  • Community Policing: A Contemporary Perspective (8th ed., 2020)
  • Criminal Investigation (12th ed., 2018); and
  • Police Administration: Structures, Processes, and Behaviors (9th ed., 2017)
  • *List subject to change based on HRD Reading List*



 BeLed Training will again host virtual and in-person Management seminars to prepare each student for the 2023 HRD Exam.

BeLed Training will be hosting a 4-day IN-PERSON LIVE seminars are for anyone interested in some serious study preparation during the intense exam season!


2023 Management Seminars: ($400.00 for 4-day Seminar)

“These four-day seminars are structured around the four management texts on the Massachusetts Civil Service Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain police promotional test.  Students will be provided with a comprehensive study guide to the four management texts free upon their registration for these courses.”

All aspects of the texts will be thoroughly covered to include previously tested areas and recent trends on the exam.  These seminars are designed to fully cover the four management areas of the exam, and registrants can plan on spending a full 8-hour day at the class (or receive more than 5 hours of lecture with virtual seminar). Effective Police Supervision, Supervision of Police Personnel, Community Policing, Police Administration, and Criminal Investigation are all covered during this intense seminar.

 Seating is limited so make sure to sign up early.  BeLed Training will mail our free management guides to our seminars once your seminar registration is complete.

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