Weekly Quiz Review


Want to know where you stand compared to others in the group?  By purchasing the weekly quizzes, you will get a link to an exam every Friday and a detailed review of problem areas on Sunday evening.

Periodically, you will receive several longer quizzes encompassing all areas of the exam periodically.  These are essentially mini-exams and will often contain up to 100 review questions.  These longer quizzes are an excellent way of gauging your strengths and weaknesses leading up to the exam.

BeLed Training utilizes these longer quizzes to gauge our student’s progress, identify problem areas, and give our students an idea of how they are progressing compared to others studying for the exam.  These quizzes are often a wake-up call for those of you that have a tendency to put off your studying time and are an excellent way of keeping focused and on track.

Weekly Quiz

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